About Krisenna

Krisenna’s formal dance training began at the tender age of 3.  She wowed audiences with her enthusiasm for performance as a dedicated dancer for the Talent Factory.  Years of gymnastics, tap, jazz,hip-hop, ballet and ballroom classes built a strong foundation for her path as a professional choreographer/performer and dance/gymnastics instructor.  When Krisenna was 8, her step mother introduced her to Cabaret belly dance.  Krisenna’s vocal training and piano lessons also helped to shape her understanding and love of music as a creative outlet.

Krisenna’s passion for music and art flourished early on, but it wasn’t until after college that she became a formal student of belly dance (at Shimmy Shakti Studio). Discovering the tribal fusion style presented Krisenna with a new focus which she has studied with ignited zeal by traveling all over the nation to attend workshops, intensives, and classes from some of the most highly acclaimed dancers in the world including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Amy Sigil, Sharon Kihara, Rachel Brice, Audra Simmons, Lady Fred & Mira Betz. She has completed intensives and certified to teach Unmata ITS Beginning, Intro, Intermediate & Advanced (later changed to a " Levels System").

Krisenna directed the Pretty Hard Corps dance troupe in New York (2012/2014). She moved to Casa Grande AZ in the middle of 2014 and started dancing with RaMagik (2014-2019). In 2016, she started dancing with Shahrazad Dance Company (2016-2018) in Phoenix and was part of the trios that captured international titles at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo. In Cairo, Krisenna was honored to study with some of the most notable dancers in Egyptian / Oriental dance (Dina, Hoda, Mohamed Salah, Lucy, Daria Mitskevich, Kasumi, Darina Konstantinova, Aziza Cairo, Dr. Mo Gedawwi, Soraia Zaied, Maryam Aguirre & Leyla Lanty).

In 2017, Krisenna produced the first annual Amethyst Dance Festival, and in 2019, she formed the Amethyst World Dance Company.


Krisenna is especially grateful for her mentors, Christina Gonzales and Jenna Harder( of Shimmy Shakti Studios), Connie Jones and Amy Sigil of Unmata.

Krisenna is currently offering belly dance instruction at her Castle Drive home studio in Casa Grande, Arizona - at Thrive Cultural Academy in Casa Grande, Arizona and at The Studio in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Intensives Continued

Amy Sigil - Unmata

Ala Carte Classes (Jill Parker & Lady Fred) - Tribal Massive in Las Vegas - 2012

Advanced/Professional Track - Tribal Massive in Las Vegas - 2013

Advanced/Professional Track - Tribal Massive in Las Vegas - 2014

Basic Black Intensive (Darkside Studios - Toronto Canada - Audra Simmons) - 2013

Lavender Intensive (Darkside Studios - Toronto Canada - Audra Simmons) - 2014

Costa Rica ITS Retreat - 2015

Completed Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 1: Initiation with Recognition - Portland, OR - 2015

Amanda Rose Online Musicality Intensive - 2015

Tribal Massive in Las Vegas, NV - Week 2 - 2016

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival (Cairo, Egypt) - 2016

Mega Massive in Las Vegas, NV - 2017

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival (Cairo, Egypt) - 2017

Amanda Rose Online Tarab Intensive - 2018

Deb Rubin - Dance Theraputics in Arizona- 2018

S.I.G.I.L Certification 2018

April Rose's Belly Dance Cohesion Certificate Program - at Massive in Las Vegas - 2019

Rachel Brice and Krisenna



Studio Training

Shimmy Shakti Studio (Twin Falls, ID) - Tribal Fusion

*Instructors: Christina Gonzales & Jenna Harter

Over 600 hours

CSI (College of Southern Idaho) - Fundamentals - Cabaret - 1 Session

*Instructor: Cindy Woods

Bellydance Basics Course


Connie Jone's Studio - Cabaret / Oriental - Customized Session

Instructor: Connie Jones

Fort Drum - Oriental Belly Dance 1.5 years

Instructor - Hoonam Kim

Belly Dance Tucson Studio - ITS - 1 Session

Instructor - Chandreyee Mitra

Casa Grande Community - Belly Dance Basics

Attended classes by troupe mates Nathara & Aine

AZ Sundance Studio - Egyptian Style - 2 Years (3-4 hours per week)

Instructor: Warda Shahrazad

ATS Session

Instructor: Becka Bomb


Workshops & Courses

Amy Sigil (Unmata) - Choreography, Working in the Moment (3x), Human Adventure (3x) ITS

Christina Gonzales - Combinations

Jill Parker


Dahlia - Shimmies

Sedona Soulfire - Choreography / Drum Solo

Linda Faoro - Hip Hop Fusion

Samira - Hula Fusion

The Lady Fred

Sherri Wheatley

Calamity Sam - Combo's

Myra Kiren - Flamenco / Lecture

Cecilia Rinn

Zoe Jakes

Kami Liddle

Sharon Kihara

Mira Betz

Audra Simmons

Tess Meyers

Ava Fleming - Hamstrings Focus / Choreography

Farha - Belly Dance History (Series)

Nikolai Ruskin - Instruments & Rhythms

Hannah (Hannah's Hips)

Michelle Sorenson - Dance Hall Fusion / Arms / Layering /

Amanda Rose - Saidi

April Rose - Belly Dance History / Choreography


Kaeshi Chai - Fusion


Yasmina Parker - Veil

Carrie Konyha - Shabby


Rukshana - Sword / Tray

Divine Chaos - Skirt

Ranya Renee

Samantha Karim - Fan Choreography / Choreography / Sensual Dance

Maryam Aguirre - Modern / Choreography / Shabby/ Drum Solo

Innah Raks - Lines & Extensions

Mohamed Fouadhelmy - Musicality

Dina - Choreography

Daria Mitskevich - Mergence / Shabby




Sample of Krisenna's Dance Training / Performance / Judging & Teaching Experience


Amy Sigil - Unmata

ITS Intro/Beginner - Level 1 (Dec. 2010) - Hot Pot in California

ITS Intro/Beginner - Levels 1 & 2 (July 2011) - Hot Pot in California

ITS Intermediate - Level 3 (Dec. 2011) - Hot Pot in California

ITS Advanced -Similar to Level 4 (Jan. 2013) - Hot Pot in California


Private Instruction:

Christina Gonzales

Jenna Harder

Kari of Unmata


Warda Shahrazad

Lois Sanders

Mohamed Fouadhelmy

Connie Jones

Shahrzad of Cairo




Festivals and Events

Fusion Fest in Idaho- 2010

Tribal Fest in California- 2011

Fusion Fest in Idaho- 2011

I Love Hot Pot Event in Idaho - 2012

Queen of Hearts Hafla in New York - Featured Instructor and Performer - 2013

Belly Dance Ball in New York - Featured Instructor and Performer - 2013

420 in Idaho - 2014

Snowball Retreat in Montreal Canada - 2014

SABA Event in New York - Featured Instructor and Performer - 2014

Swap Meet in Arizona - 2015

Swap Meet in Arizona - 2016

Desert Queen Festival in Arizona- 2016

Phoenix Rising - 2016

Swap Meet in Arizona - 2017

Arab American Festival - 2017

Amethyst Dance Festival in Arizona - 2017

Phoenix Rising - 2017

Cairo Nights Event in Texas - 2017

Swap Meet in Arizona - 2018

Amethyst Dance Festival in Arizona - 2018

Fusion Day in Arizona - 2018

Raqs Gone Rogue Competition in Arizona - Featured Performer and Judge - 2018

Fusion Fest in Idaho - 2018

Phoenix Rising Instructor - 2018

Yasmina's 25th Annual Swap Meet Instructor - 2019

Queen of the Prairie Dance Festival in Iowa - Featured Instructor, Performer & Competition Judge -2019

Temple of Ishtar Theatrical Show in Arizona - Cast Performer - 2019



Bollywood (at The Studio) - 2015-2019

Modern (at The Studio) - 2015-2018

Jazz (at The Studio) - 2015-2017

Tap (at The Studio) 2019

Shimmy Mob - 2018 - 2019


Workshops & Courses Continued..

Darina Konstantinova

Aziza Cairo - Choreography / Shabby

Leyla Lanti - Zills

Issam Houshan - Rhythms

Ustada Azra - Zills

Mia Donna - Fusion Combo's

Alma Gul - Bollywood / Choreography / Basic Saidi / Spins

Na-il Ankarah Ali

Soraia Zaied - Shabby

Nathalie Dance - Saidi


Inanna LeFay - Fusion

Mohammed Salah - Saidi

Dr. Mo Gedawwi

Raquia Hassan

Ryan Yanguochao - Choreography

Hoda Ibrahim - Saudi

Mayte Garcia - Lecture / Choreography

Melisula - Sassy Drum Solo

Kelly Binder - Bollywood Series

Ashley Lopez

David Badyal

Sarah Hinson - Flamenco Fusion

Poise and Panache Course

Belly Dance Ethics Course by Terri Allred

Demelza Fox of the UK