Private and Studio Classes Available

Private and Small Group Lessons

Home Studio on Castle Drive

Private Lessons: $60 per session (1 hour)

Small Group (minimum of 4) - $20 per student per session

Krisenna Class

Teen/Adult World Dance Classes

Studio - Thrive Cultural Academy
702 E. Cottonwood Lane Bldg. F
Casa Grande, AZ


6:00pm - 7:00pm - Ages 13 and up ($50 per month)

Krisenna's "Refined Dancer" program is packed with creativity and fun that keeps the students learning and engaged throughout the hour. Students learn balance, posture, presentation, foot patterns and expanded vocabulary of movement.

They focus on musicality and rhythm with zills patterns and keep time with tambourines and maracas. Through the fan veil and veil technique, they are exposed to the flow of energy and importance of extension and completion of movement.

The program provides an uplifting foundation for the introduction to an amazing art form.

To register, call Alese Maxey of Thrive at: (480) 440-8337

World Dance Class

Teen and Adult Class - World Dance with an Emphasis on Belly Dance Basics and Refinement

Studio - The Studio

Casa Grande, AZ

395 N Sacaton

Monday Evenings


$51 per month - $15 per drop in class

1 Trial class offered free of charge!

Teen and Adult Class - World Dance with an Emphasis on Belly Dance Basics and Refinement

Krisenna's bubbly and uplifting teaching style sets the tone for this dynamic class
that combines technical training and dance fitness. Students learn and drill basic moves (Salsa, Tribal Fusion, Classic Indian Styles, Egyptian Belly Dance, etc) and enjoy
additional artistic instruction that incorporates veil technique, fan, zills patterns
and other props. All students will have access to a Facebook group that includes additional learning materials, drills & at home study guidance.  The practice props
are provided at no additional cost.  Students will not be required to practice or perform in attire that exposes the belly.  No previous dance experience is necessary!
Join in the fun - sign up today!

Register at:


I have been taking Krisenna’s World Dance class since August 2018. I have also taken a couple of her workshops and seen her perform for an audience several times. Krisenna is exactly what a person would want from a teacher. She is kind, and patient, and has a wealth of knowledge that she shares generously! Not only is she a remarkable teacher, she is also a beautifully talented dancer (have you seen her show stopping drum solo? Amazing!) and an inspiring business owner. I am always amazed at her many talents!

I came into dance with no prior dance training or knowledge, with no expectations and a lot of feelings of intimidation, and Krisenna opened up the door for me into to a loving, accepting dance community that I had never known existed. In a matter of months I went from dancing while no ones watching to proudly telling people that I am a dancer. I was born to dance and now I am empowered to do it, all thanks to Krisenna! - Courtney M.


Krisenna is a great teacher and I love watching her dance! She seems to know exactly what each person needs to keep them going. She’s encouraging and engaging. She breaks down arm, head, hip and foot movements so they are easier to learn and shares musical and cultural information that help one learn and make the dance instruction more rich and interesting. - Karen H.


Attending Krisenna’s World Dance Class at The Studio has not just been a fun activity for me (I have always loved dance). It has made a profound difference in my life.

Three years ago, I was a happy healthy CEO of a multi-million dollar federal government subcontractor. That was before I was struck-down by osteoporosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia. About two years ago, my disability forced me to leave the thirty-seven year career I loved.  I was in constant pain, exhausted, depressed, and only left my bed for a few hours each day.

One of many things my doctors recommended was a low impact, low intensity exercise program. However, every time I tried exercising the pain and fatigue went out of control. One day I saw an advertisement for Krisenna’s dance class on Facebook. I am not sure what possessed me to try belly dancing, but I emailed her and asked if my physical disabilities could be accommodated in one of her classes. She quickly responded with an invitation to join her. So on a Monday evening in January 2019 I came to my first class. The environment felt safe, and the warmth of the greeting felt healing.

In that first class, I saw my body moving in ways that were entertaining, fun, and perhaps even a little risqué.  When I returned home that evening I felt a sense of wellbeing I had not felt in the last two years. My body felt fatigued, but not like exercise had made it feel in the past. There was something uplifting in the dance. Krisenna’s teaching method was multi-level and spiritual uplifting. It was as if my body, which had caused me so much pain, and I were becoming friends again.

As the weeks and months went by, Krisenna introduced “body neuroscience techniques” (from an intensive training session with Mira Betz) into her dance classes. Things got better and better. Then the day came I had to have a surgical medical procedure.  Fibromyalgia not only increases pain with medical procedures, it also lengthens the healing time. In this case, I found myself back in dance without even missing one class. Of course, I had to modify the movements, but still, I was able to dance.

Today, I continue to find my balance strength, and flexibility improving. I still have limitations with my health but my quality of life has definitely improved.

I cannot thank Krisenna enough. I would have never dreamed dance could have this impact on my life. - Melanie S.


Krisenna is the most patient, kind, inspired and insightful teachers I have ever met. She's continually concerned with the self-esteem and progress of all her students. She cares about them and the feeling is always mutual - Denny K


I am very pleased to serve as a reference to Krisenna Zipporah (Kirsten Hancock). I am honored to have attended Amethyst Dance Festival three times and serve as a teacher in one. Krisenna organizes Amethyst and it is a top notch event that brings dance community together in a positive and friendly manner. I was lucky to host Krisenna as a teacher and performer at Queen of The Prairie Bellydance festival in Des Moines, IA. Krisenna has been a pleasure to work with. She has positive attitude and superiority teaching skills. Moreover, she is friendly, helpful, reliable, prepared, and organized. Her workshops were well attended and as organizers we received excellent reviews of her work as an artist and a teacher. We would love to have her come back.Sincerely, Innah